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History of GAAN

Launched in January 2020 by a group of Algerian companies working in the digital field, and firmly believing in collective intelligence, the GAAN (Groupement Algérien des Acteurs du Numérique) aspires to bring together as many Algerian digital actors as possible. either their size, legal status, level of expertise, sector of specialization or geographic positioning, around 4 major objectives: Federate, Grow, Shine and Transform.

Our country needs to catch up with its technological backwardness, while focusing its choices and strategic orientations on local issues, hampering the emergence of genius among young Algerians.

It is therefore naturally up to these same actors to organize this upgrading, necessary for the establishment of a solid and transversal technological base, to support a fundamental transformation, for the development of all the other sectors. , whether economic or societal.

As any strategy must be based on reliable field data, GAAN positions itself as a link between digital actors and decision-makers by being the voice of the first and a window on the evolution of the Algerian digital ecosystem for seconds.

Apolitical, the GAAN is a structure completely independent from state bodies and open to any entity, whether physical or moral, that can contribute to the emergence of a strong digital economy.